Escape this summer season : Adventures of Lofty Ladakh 

A must visit place in this festival of heat. Yes arrival of summer never sounds good, with all the pollution and heat in town we all, at some point of time want to escape to the winter winds.

Whelp that ain’t so difficult. Mentioned below is one cool way to escape this summer season.

A hint of what your escape would look like

Adventures of Lofty Ladakh. Yes Ladakh being one of the winter wrapped places is your way out from the humdrum days of summer.

Ice walls of Ladakh

Mind camping in the core with all that coolness ?

Well this isn’t just a normal package , it is more like a 12 days royal venture where YOU get to be the royal and though bratt.

But first. Just have a look at your hotels

You will be traveling with a fleet of caravan, which means you will have whole lot of luxurious hotels rolling with you. All the facilities alike your home.

Do you feel royal yet ?

Time for family. friends. fun.

Apart from the luxuries​ of the caravans there will be a food truck accompanying you. Providing you with the delicious energy to have fun in the surreal scenery of Ladakh

Motorhome Adventures restaurant at your service mate !

Think about traveling and haulting right in the core, where the serene view of mountains, lakes, valleys and desert awaits you and suddenly KA-BOOM you have a restaurant right in front of you.

Wont you foodies love that restaurant you’ll have rolling with you

Whats cooking ?

Along with that, a backup vehicle will be rolling all the time, to ensure that no intruder could hamper your trip. 

With all the camping and comfort a 12 days adventure to escape the reality of summer.

Your kids would surely love this adventurous journey

Captain more. Here we come !

The package is offered by Motorhome Adventures. The name of the company indeed, defines the fun that lies within the crusade. 

Do you now, wish to escape this summer season ? If

 you do check out the package here.

Explore all about the adventures of Lofty Ladakh

Motorhome Adventures​ is into ? Connect here •

Motorhome Adventures

Caravan CLUB India 

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If you wish to register for the package. Just already do it people.

Register for the package here !

Congratulations to the people who are on this escape mission.

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Explore what you can and be the ADVENTUROUS YOU !


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