India can become a developed nation too :O ???

We will become a developed nation… We will… 

The day our metro announcement’s would not be insecure anymore to announce that”toys, transistors etc shall be reported.. can be bomb” 

The day each of us would have patience to wait for the red light to glow green instead of breaking the rule.

The day a drunk or a dying man would fall down and people would come to help.. instead of trying to make any troll video or steal.

We will be a developed nation when the way girls are made to carve this under her soul that “once your respect is gone it’s gone forever.. people wouldn’t even question boys” would be changed….

The day a boy’s parents would make him learn that even his reputation and respect matters… That if girls virginity matters so does his. Or it should not matter at all to both the genders.

Creator just created 2 different genders we are the one who discriminated.. one with superior and another with recessive tittles. We decided to make a boy who is not virgin to be titled as stud and a girl as similar to be titled as a prostitute.

We really can become a developed nation, the day a girl could travel late night, back from work, alone… And without any insecurity. 

The day people would really compete with each other instead of competing in the game of being better than others.

Development doesn’t just mean clean roads and a fantabulus system it relates  a lot with clean Heart and open mind.

-Worried citizen of India 


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