When the reality seems unreal

The situation is hectic, we are yelling at her to listen to us, listen to what we say. Take medicines on our command. 

She was restless that time, she had it in her mind that I would not disturb any one let me cure myself. She took whatever medicines she felt would heal her. We all were fed up weren’t we ?because she did not listen to us, but she knew it she knew that she won’t stay with us anymore.

Papa said watch her, I said okay. 

Only if I knew that she wouldn’t stay I would not have moved my eye from her.

But one bolt lady she was, she slept … After 2 days she did. 

2 o clock in the morning papa checked her she was okay. she was sleeping like a baby. Tired. 6o clock he checked again.

I was asleep. “Vidu Dadi NAHI uth rhi jldi uth” his words to me. I ran like hell to her room. I tired, I tried to give her that 10×10 heart cure but nothing worked. I couldn’t believe the reality. 

This feeling is so so bad. She slept. She did not even disturb us or called us we do not even know when she passed. She might have struggled the night or would have called for help but….

After this whole reality hit, i wish I could talk to her, have fun with her, have fed her. 

Coincidence, for the first time ever papa cooked soup and fed her. It was her last meal. Cooked and fed by his son.

She knew she would die, she said I’ll be gone now. I want to fight more.

Sare jhagde, sari ladayi kyu ki yr ? I cannot forget her face. Pale her eyes all grey and when I tried to turn her every part of her body tuned with it but she was no more. How am I supposed to forget that situation ?

I wish I was a guy, I could do all those rituals and participate equally as papa and Bhai did. 

I’ll tell you about her, she was bold, did everything task on her own she was independent she was great. 

I feel like this whole day is unreal, money doesn’t even matter it just can’t save the people you love.

Fighter, she was one true  warrior. I am glad that she had her birthday celebration the way she wanted. 

May her soul rest in peace. And may the doors of heaven show her the way.

I just cannot express this anymore. I just want to say so much but I cant write.

Beware people, we let things matter more than that bond, we sleep after a fight but who knows the other person won’t or would. Thank you for having no grudges to me. 

Just be who you are with those who love you. You might not know if it’s their last moment.



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