They did what nobody could do since ages

When I was small I had this beautiful imagination where I would have pets .. dogs and cats and parrots and hamsters and squirrels and what not. I would stare at every dog on street and demand to take them home, not known of what it really takes to care and mainten. My parents would tell me that it’s difficult to take care of them but mind of a 5 year old wouldn’t understand that anyway. 

This was it… my first ever pet, fishy foo … 

With these 4 Krystal, Mocha, Bubblegum and Tiffany I learned what it takes to maintain health and what are the other factors, I finally understood and that is how life goes. 

We try to immitate our will but with each step an unknown factor appears which is very much known to our parents, experience says it all you know. They just happen to know all of what could occur to us and that is why they do what they have to do.. they take precautions… 

I lost Mocha and Tiffany today with that comes a surreal factor. 2 days of being together and their absence could matter, it did matter right in my core. 

I do not know the purpose of writing but it just feels good to share this.

My mature self still doesn’t get why my heart demanded a burreal instead of throwing them away and this tells me that small things matter.

Glad that they could teach my heart what it could not understand since ages.

These 2 days were amazing with you all four of you, loss of losing you two is weirdly affecting but yeah odds out. 

May your soul rest in peace #mocha #tiffany #rip 


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